DR.Neil Cervera

L.C.S.W, Ph.D Clinical Psychotherapist


I have been in clinical practice for more than 40 years.  At NYU, School of Social Work, I received a National Institute of Mental Health traineeship in Forensics and Addiction for two years in my Master’s degree program.  At SUNYA, School of Social Welfare, in my post-doctoral fellowship, I studied how individuals and families form their decision-making. I have formal psychotherapy training in working with individuals, families and groups.

My clinical expertise ranges from evaluating and treating chemical and behavioral addictions, improving couples communication, evaluations for the Department of Transportation and a variety of mental health problems. Additionally, I help separated parents co-operate, communicate and improve their decision-making.

Whether it is evaluating, identifying feelings, working with cognitive distortions, having better self-care, assertiveness, stepping back from triggers and impulsivity, we, the client and myself, form a mutual relationship to work together in finding solutions to life's difficulties.


WARNING: If you are in an emergency situation, contact your local hospital, healthcare professional,

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